The Boy Who Spoke Clouds

by The Boy Who Spoke Clouds

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The Boy Who Spoke Clouds debut album was recorded in 2004-2005 at a beach house over a four month period without release in mind. All the songs were recorded via the microphone of a Sony handycam video HI8 into a cheap soundcard. Everything from flamenco handclaps, percussive chanting, foot stomping and chopsticks hitting guitars were incorporated, sometimes in the hope of mimicking a sound Adam had no means of producing conventionally, and sometimes, trying the ridiculous in an attempt to dispel self conscious methods of music production and simultaneously to push himself out of his regular habits and musical clicks. ‘One of my biggest fears as an artist is to repeat myself, to fall back on my comforts. These recordings began as explorations outside of my usual musical vernacular. They very quickly became something intensely personal for me.’

On this album, Adam sings predominantly of death, transitions, and one’s engagement with the mystery before the answer or question arise. ‘My fascination with things in-between, the shadows between the branches, have crept into these songs. The songs are like little invocations, prayers to not knowing.’

The Boy Who Spoke Clouds debut album was released February 2009 on Illionois label, Sun Sea Sky Productions.


released February 24, 2009

Recorded & Mastered by Adam Casey.
Female voice on 'Ending' by Jenny Jo Oakley.
Violin on 'Fill This Room' by Alex Taylor.



all rights reserved


The Boy Who Spoke Clouds Melbourne, Australia

The Boy Who Spoke Clouds, moniker of Melbourne, Australia’s Adam Casey, is a musical project preoccupied with the ritualistic intent of mesmerism through liminal engagement. A blend of 'exotic’ and Western instruments are utilised in recordings and performances including the hurdy gurdy, hackbrett, guitars, throat singing, bowed saw, daf , piano, dan mooi and much more. ... more

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Track Name: Hermit
Real tears fall,
crying away the pain
of another,
heart within the heart,
I will find you,
in the quiet.

Travelling with my eyes closed,
I am cradled in silence,
no sister, no brother,
no Mother, no Father,
no lover.
Track Name: Energy Rescue
Rescue me,
deep magenta,
find myself,
in crimson red,
a timeshift,
follow intent,
rescue me,
find myself,
rescue me,
love myself.
Track Name: Goodbye
I finally utter
the truth, I have been holding
onto, the world spins around me,
my head is in the clouds,
my stomach is in knots,
my hands are shaking.

Goodbye my friend.
Track Name: Fill This Room
Home seems so quiet,
quiet reflects my pain,
no children, no partner,
to fill this room.

The children are laughing,
no sound leaves their lips,
I am strong, can let the weight go,
I am weak, pick it up again.

No love lost,
life gained,
we fall away,
I watch her until she is gone.
Track Name: Happening
A glimpse of the sun through a mirror,
coldness between two peoples bodies,
a man running from disdain,
a hollow tree sitting still, always.

Tears revealed in a secret window,
two masks facing each other,
nobody notices the naked woman swimming,
or the sphinx slowly walking from nation to nation.
Track Name: Passing
They feel their way,
fingers reaching into cracks,
two hands touch,
and pass through each other,
this is not a coincidence,
centuries passed for this moment.

The window opens,
and your skin aches,
as his icy hands,
pass through your body,
your steps are always followed,
your steps are always following,
there is no first,
no beginning.

Only passing.
Track Name: Fear at 3am
I know the space of fear behind my heart,
when I think of losing you.
He knew the space of fear
deep within your heart,
and he kicked it until it bled.
He said:
'Fear and understand yourself.'
Track Name: Falling, Slowly
The day has come,
it crept up behind me,
tendrils entwine around my throat,
I barely notice
my breath slowly disappearing.
Track Name: Every Drop of the Sea
All the walls of the past,
crumble at our feet,
as we all embrace,
our souls await.

We will savour this day,
for it's as illusory as the last.

We will never hide,
our energy illuminates,
every drop of the sea.
Track Name: Ending
I hear her breath travel and bounce,
off the walls, my breath joins hers,
a whispered mantra, together, apart.

A previous life we still exist in,
her elegant fingers grasp to the sheets,
knuckles white, her palms perspiring.

She floats between cliffs,
watching the rocks,
being battered by waves,
she knows her life is ending.

I float between cliffs,
watching the rocks,
being battered by waves,
I know my life is ending.